We have moved!

Hello friends!

My name is Claire and I am on the STINT team currently in Slovenia. Sorry it has been so long since this website was last updated. We haven’t updated this site because we have moved.

We would love it if you would continue to follow us at our new blog. Please continue to pray for the ministry in Slovenia. Use the link below to our new blog and check out our updates every Monday. Thanks!



This link may not work, so if it doesn’t just copy and paste it into your browser ūüôā

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Ready To Go!!!!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jordan and I’m on the STINT team that is leaving for Slovenia tomorrow! ¬†We just wanted to update everybody and tell them that all 9 of us are 100% supported and ready to go! ¬†We’re all super pumped to get going and see what God has in store on the campus in Ljubljana for the year.

Please pray for the 9 of us as we travel all day (and then some!) tomorrow! ¬†We really appreciate everyone’s prayer and support, we literally wouldn’t be able to go if it was not for people willing to be a part of God’s ministry in the Slovenia.

It’s crazy to say this but our next post will be in Ljubljana!


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The Trubies!

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Metelkova St.

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STINTers usurp the blog

Greetings Slovenia lovers! I’m Laura, one of the nine OSU graduates heading to Slovenia in a few short weeks. Tomorrow, our team is heading to St. Charles, IL, for a week of briefing and preparation for our year in Slovenia. Please pray for us as we are there, and as we finish raising our support. It’s been an interesting time — God’s been¬†doing amazing things with support,¬†but¬†most of us are still in¬†the midst of it and very ready to be done. If¬†any of you are interetsed in partnering with us to¬†continue to reach the Slovenian students with the love of Christ, just leave a comment on here and I’ll get back to you.¬†We’re all really excited to continue the work that God was doing through the summer project over the past couple of months! And now… off to pack for briefing!

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The Return to the States and Blog Transition

I’ve attempted to put into words the power of what God did in Ljubljana in a mere six weeks.

I have undoubtedly fallen short.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy my update letter giving a brief synopsis of all that happened in Slovenia this summer.

Also, I’m excited to say this blog will continue on this year courtesy of the STINT team that will be heading to Slovenia within the next few months.

It’s been a pleasure sharing with you. I can’t wait to see what God continues to do.

God bless.

Jordan Shirkman Slovenia Update

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Ljubljana Summer Project

Here’s a short video clip that I entered for a contest, enjoy!

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